Thursday, October 03, 2013

Doc Appt & Helping Others....

I get a kick out of helping others and doing for others. I almost think I get more out of the deal in the end. My Mentor asked me to talk with his niece who is a student at Yale. I've been communicating with her over the past few weeks via email and phone and got her resume into the right hands at the Bank. I think she a great hiring candidate and the people I spoke with today were impressed with her resume. The Bank has several training programs that give you a solid financial and banking foundation. Heads of both major programs have her resume in hand. I think it also helps that I stepped up for one of the Heads of the Business Banking program when he asked me a couple years ago to participate as a Mentor in the Bank's work-study program. I still work with my Mentee and he's now a senior in high school. I am helping him get ready for college now. 

The doc visit went pretty good today. She moved to a new office which is really nice. A little further away but still downtown and only a taxi ride away. I never had to give more than 2 viles of blood before but they took 5 viles from me today to test my kidneys and liver. After three, my arm was screaming Uncle! I should have the results back on Tuesday. 

It's Family Thursday which means I get to spend quality time with some of the best people on Earth including the love of my life, my four year old nephew. 

Too blessed to be stressed! =)

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