Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Financial Software…

Well, I’ve been working with my new Quicken software and I am getting the hang of it finally. It’s actually pretty time consuming and I have the bags under my eyes to prove it. Not really, but the darn thing is pretty addictive and can have you working with it hours at a time. I also downloaded the trial version of Microsoft Money. I am still working with it and will report on which software I think is better once I get a better feel for both programs.

In Quicken…

I finally got my ShareBuilder accounts downloaded. Yeah!!! I don’t have much invested but I am hoping this will change in the near future.

I still can’t download my Countrywide mortgage or 401K information but I can manually enter in the balances. I am going to tinker with it a bit more to see if I can set up an amortization for the mortgage. I am pretty sure that I can.

Overall, I can see how Quicken will probably be a good tool for budgeting and strategizing debt repayment once my student loans go into repayment. Also, the reminders and direct account link access will make bill payment a lot easier.

I just wish the screen didn’t flicker all the time. I guess that’s what people meant by bugs in the software.


mapgirl said...

Your screen flicker might be your graphics card. Assuming you have a PC, right click on a blank spot of your desktop and hit Properties, Settings tab, Advanced button, Monitor tab. There will be a screen refresh rate. Make it as high as possible, and that will reduce your flicker.

I have problems entering in my own mortgage as well. I put my escrow as Tax:Other and make the interest expense a negative amount on the splits screen to draw down the mortgage correctly with each payment.

Quicken isn't perfect, but it's alright. Glad this is working better than you initially thought. Setup is annoying, but it really does smoothly after that.

Bonus tip: Literally! I got a bonus check and I didn't know how to enter it in. I was able to create a second paycheck type and key in the check without and have my employer 401k matching fund come out correctly. I was happy figuring that out.

Chitown said...

Thanks Mapgirl!!!

I am going to work on my mortgage this weekend to get it working correctly.

BTW...That bonus information comes just in time. I just got my bonus yesterday so I am going to try to figure that out as well.

Thanks again!!!