Monday, February 03, 2014

52-Weeks To An Organized Home Challenge

Have you ever heard about the 52-Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge?

I was reading Beachgirl's Budget Blog over the weekend and she and her fiancée are going the challenge. I clicked on the challenge link and read a little more and it sounds pretty cool. What is really nice is that you get an entire week to work on the task as opposed to most cleaning challenges that give you a day. I am going to try it because I love to be organized.

Here is the list of challenges. Just like the 52-Week Money Challenge, you can start whenever and it's not too late. I am going start next week and try to catch up when there is a week that doesn't apply (i.e. I don't have an attic to organize in a condo). I'll post pics and keep you posted like Beachgirl. 

I love positive challenges and projects. 

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