Thursday, February 27, 2014

Busy Day....

Today was a busy and productive day. I got pulled into a meeting right after 5pm so I missed the early trains home this evening. I am going to pack up in a few minutes to head home for the night so I can get home around 7:30pm. I am still determined to get in Day 4 of the T25 workout program. I keep telling myself..."Chitown, just 25 minutes and then you can shower, say your prayers and climb in the bed." =)

I had so much fun last night celebrating my nephew's birthday. I worked hard so I could leave right on time and get home to workout, shower, wrap my nephew's second round of presents and head over to my parents' house. Apparently, I got there just in time because he was busting at the seams ready to open more presents. It must be nice being the only child and grandchild. I know I spoil the little guy.

My Sis and BIL got my Nephew this Discovery Toy Laser Tag Game and I think I had more fun with it than he Everyone else in the house was sitting around and even I was sitting there reading on my iPad and my nephew couldn't wait for my BIL to set up the Laser Tag game for him. So soon as my BIL finished, my nephew was all excited and everyone was sitting around watching television or messing around on their iPhone or Ipad, including ME! So, I put my iPad away, grabbed a laser and we ran around the house playing our version of Star Wars for a good hour and I know all the noise was driving everyone crazy but heck...I was having fun and the kid was having fun on his birthday. lol Is it wrong that I kept thinking, "I want some of these for my house?!?!" So much fun! =)

I have to run to catch this train. I hope you guys had a wonderful day! 

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