Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Alvin Ailey Tickets...

A splurge in January that I made was tickets to see Alvin Ailey in Chicago at the Auditorium Theater. I get tickets every year and I am usually online within minutes or hours when they go on sale. I was a little late this year but I still got excellent seats. I think I will be in the 5th row which is awesome. One year I was in the first row and realized that the first row wasn't actually the best row in the house but 5th row through 10th row gives you a great view of the entire stage and dancers.

I love dancing and the arts so I am super excited. I look forward to events like Ailey every year. This Summer I am looking forward to Salsa Dancing in the park and all kinds of other goodies that Chicago has to offer. The next time I go to NYC, I would love the opportunity to take a class at Ailey. I missed out on my last visit but I will be sure to try to put it in the mix next time I get to visit. I love NYC. I love the energy but I still think I would prefer Chicago because NYC is massive. I will say that strolling through Central Park was the best. =)

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