Sunday, February 02, 2014

Called the Doc...

My Sis called and told me to call the doc's emergency line so she could call me in a prescription. I just called. Thankfully, the woman could understand me. Just waiting to hear back from the doc. My Mom said she'll go pick up the prescription when she calls it into Walgreens. So thankful for my family. So blessed to have them. No matter what, they show up and I show up for them. That's true love. Blessed! Hopefully, I'll finally be on the road to feeling better. 

*** Update: Doc called back and my symptoms point to a viral infection vs. bacterial so there are no antibiotics she can prescribe. I can only rest, push fluids, try not to talk and treat the symptoms. My Mom brought by more meds and I'm resting. Losing your voice is also more indicative of a viral infection. I have a tiny voice already so I am barely audible now. It's cool. She said it will be better in a few days. If not, to call back. I have Musinex now and that stuff is powerful. 

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