Monday, February 17, 2014

Good News...

I got some good news. In May I went to the doc for a regular exam and it came back with some abnormalities. So I went back in November to retest. I didn't hear back from my doctor so while I was in the hospital waiting for my Dad to get out of surgery in January, I called for the results. I had been so preoccupied with everything else going on in my life so no news was good news. So the doc caled me back a week ago with the results and there were even more abnormalities so he wanted me to come back before the end of the month for more tests. Well he called on a Friday and I was in the following Monday. He called with my results today and there were no abnormalities this time around!!! I have been meditating and praying for months trying to just heal my body and spirit and let go of stress and it worked. 

I try not to oppose and fight against things that happen but to just be and show love. I am trying to be less judgmental and accepting of others for who they are and for having their own opinions even if they are different from mine and to keep positive thoughts and a positive mindset. When I have laser focus, I never get sick. It's tends to be once I finally relax and unwind when everything that's been building up hits me hard. That's what happened after the bar exam. I flew out the next day to Cancun for my sister's wedding and once everyone left and I had a few days to unwind in Mexico, I got sick and came home with a nasty virus. This time, as soon as I knew my Dad was out of the woods with his surgery and I could finally exhale and relax, I got hit with this last cold virus. Built up stress in the body and with my health conditions, stress is really bad for me and having peace and a low stress environment is best. So I got my happy news and I am just feeling so thankful. 

I am 36, beautiful, successful and healthy. My future is so bright. Feeling so thankful! I really needed some good news and something good to happen to me. =)


ShellyShell said...

Glad everything was good on your test results! :)

Chitown said...

Thanks ShellyShell! =)