Monday, February 10, 2014

The Turbie Twist...

For my natural hair curlies that read my blog and worry about frizz, I have a product for you. I found it so randomly on one of my many trips to CVS during lunch downtown and it wasn't expensive. The product is called Turbie Twist and it's a 100% microfiber towel that loops your wet hair up and keeps it up while it dries. Love!

For months I tried to achieve the equivalent of big curly hair but I was pretty resolved that it wasn't going to happen because my hair is much more on the fine side. Then one day, my parents stopped by unexpectedly to help me take down my Christmas tree but they caught me while I was in the shower and my hair was drenched. So I threw some conditioner in my hair and remembered I bought the Turbie Twist. I tied my hair up, got dressed and we all put the tree and decorations up. Later, I pulled the Turbie loose and I had a full head of defined curls that just popped. 

The towel absorbed the extra moisture and conditioner that weighed my hair down and I was left with super soft curls that were full of volume. After I took the towel down, it took maybe another 30-45 minutes for my hair to completely dry without using a blow dryer. Score! 

So cheers to random finds at the store. I think I got a buy one get one half off deal and paid something like $10 for two turbie twists. These are perfect for travel. Of course I wanted the funky cute colors. =)

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