Sunday, February 02, 2014

Wish List Items...

Here is a picture of the Le Creuset French Oven we used to make the gumbo in cooking class. It looks just like the one below that's open to show all the yummy goodness. I like the color too. At first I was open to a smaller oven pot but I do hope to expand beyond cooking just for me so I will need a larger pot to accommodate. If I am going to get one, I may as well get the one that will remain with me for the long haul. This pot is about $300.

Here is the wallet style that I would like to go with my purse. I am usually not a signature gal but if you get more than one style of LV purse, the signature can probably go with either style and you won't necessarily "need" to get a new matching wallet. The wallets cost almost as much a a purse. This one costs about $725. Cute but expensive. =)

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