Tuesday, February 11, 2014

January 2014 Summary...

Below is my January 2014 Summary. My Net worth stayed flat because it was holiday and vacation time and there was spending to go along with both.

My Sis, Brother-in-Law and I were thrilled to buy my parents a new kitchen table for Christmas to replace the one they had. I am pretty sure it was older than me! They rarely do anything for themselves and I know they commented many times about wanting a new table so I made the suggestion and my family got on board. Many years ago when I was in law school, I wanted to do something nice for my parents to say Thank You. So, I asked my sister and we decided that we would either send my parents on a trip or buy them a new bedroom set which was also badly in need of replacement. We were both hoping for the trip but they decided on the bedroom set and 'my oh my', they have expensive taste! I think I may still be paying for that bedroom set. lol So, this year, we asked if they would like a new table and WE picked out the table and chairs ourselves and found a very nice set within our designated budget. We even got them a new television for the kitchen so they're happy and we're happy. Score!

So all in all, Jan wasn't bad at and I am ready for an excellent year ahead! =)


gonna_make_it said...

That's so nice of you to buy your parents a nice gift like that. Last year I gave my parents two plane tickets to come visit me. It was the best gift ever. I love giving gifts more than receiving. Here's to hoping the new table lasts as long as their old one!

Chitown said...

They were so happy and that totally made me happy. I love doing for others as well and I need to get a little better at receiving. =)