Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blessed Day...

I am curled up on the couch watching the NAACP Image Awards after a great day.

I started the day off having a birthday lunch with one of my oldest friends. We go back to 8th grade. I was the Maid of Honor in her wedding but we've grown apart in the last 5 years as she settled into marriage life and now being a mommy. She's been making quite an effort in the last year to build back our friendship and we had a fabulous time catching up today. 

While I was in Target, one of my sister's oldest and dearest friends (also from grade school) called me on my cell. At first I was going to ignore the call because people generally only call when they want or need something, usually legal advice, but I answered. Low and behold, she didn't want anything other than to check up on me and see how I'm doing. So sweet! She's like family so we chatted for a good little while and I was just thankful someone actually just thought of me and cared enough to see how I'm doing. That's a blessing 

My nephew had a wonderful birthday party. I will admit, I was a bit overstimulated with 25 kids excitedly celebrating that once we got the cars packed up to head to my sister's house, I had to sit in my car in silence for a good 10 minutes. lol OMG!!! I was the only childless adult there so I was just a helper for the day. My nephew saw that I came in empty handed and looked at me with sad eyes asking me "Did you get me anything for my birthday?!?!" I started to say "NO" to mess with him but my Mom ratted me out. We all picked up gifts for him last night but my Mom wrapped them. I also have a couple go things for him to open when he actually turns 5 on Wednesday. Those big brown eyes and dimples get me every time! 

We had a great family day. Blessed! 

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