Monday, February 17, 2014

Day Off & Birthdays...

Today is a bank holiday so I get to enjoy the day off. I also get to help celebrate my Father who turns 66 tomorrow. Since we're all off today, we will all get together this evening for a big dinner, cake and ice cream. I love my family birthday celebrations. 

I am sitting here in my living room right now watching the snow fall. It's so pretty and it looks like a blizzard since the snow is falling so fast and hard. We're supposed to get 5-6 inches. Some of the snow mounds are as tall as me now or taller and I am 5'5". I love Chicago and all four seasons but I have to say I am so ready for some sun and warmth. 

Yesterday was a good day. After church, I took my nephew to my little cousin's birthday party and this little girl took a serious liking to my nephew and hemmed him up and kept trying to kiss on him. 4/5 year olds. I was floored. I had to be the "Big Mean Aunt" and seperate them but life was better in his world once he got to Build-A-Bear. lol My nephew is going to have an awesome birthday party next weekend when he turns 5. My Sis and BIL booked a rock climbing party for him and it's going to be a blast. 

My friend and I went out to watch the NBA All Star Game last night and that was also entertaining. Busy busy weekend but a great weekend full of quality time with the people I love and who love me back. Priceless! 

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