Friday, February 14, 2014

Today Is All About Love...

Love is Dope!  Loving someone and being loved in return is an amazing feeling and experience.  It's when the mere mention of a person's name puts a smile on your face.  When you have a flashback memory of the two of you together that makes you smile and laugh.  It's the silent communication between two lovers when words aren't required.  It's entrusting your heart, mind, body and spirit and feeling confident that that special person will always have your best interest foremost in their heart and mind.  It's the ability to be transparent with your hopes, fears and dreams and know that they will all be embraced and supported.  It's knowing you have a partner through and through whether you're basking in the sun or going through the storm.  It's knowing you can always count on your partner to show up and be there for you.  It's forgiveness because you know the person you love and fell in love with is still there inside.  It's giving your partner more than they deserve even when they disappoint you.  It's when you may not have anything but love to offer but you do what you can and your partner appreciates you and your love and it fills them up.  It's when you feel loved, appreciated, accepted, supported and protected like you are the most precious gift.  It's when you can love another the way that you love yourself. 

Real love is dope.  It's simply amazing.  I believe in love.  I believe in miracles.

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