Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Under the Weather...

Today is Day 8 and I am still not right. My voice isn't back and I've got this cough and chest congestion. I'm pretty sure it's bronchitis but there's not much that can be done that I'm not doing. I just have to hope and pray it doesn't turn into anything serious like pneumonia with this weather. 

It's snowing pretty hard today and I saw one multi-car accident on my way to the train station. Our side of the street was almost blocked off. I was rushing a little this morning but stopped when my garage door wouldn't stay closed. I needed a shovel to knock down some of the snow and ice. Thankfully, I keep a small shovel in my trunk. I was on my way three minutes later but it looked like that accident might have occurred 5 minutes before I came upon it so I just think God was looking out. Whew!

I haven't seen my family in a week and I've been feeling alone and isolated. I was pretty sick and my Dad is just getting back from his surgery a couple of weeks ago so I didn't want to put him or my family at risk but especially him with his heart condition. My Mom stopped by to bring me meds over the weekend but she just came to the door to drop the stuff off. She called to ask me if I wanted dinner Monday night and I said sure and would come over and she was like...."ehhh...your sister can bring it to you!" LOL....I can't blame her. My house needs to be sanitized and I still sounded awful with no voice. I just told her I would make a salad and some soup at home. She felt bad but I told her not to worry about it and I'll get better soon. 

So it's just been me on my own. (Sigh) 

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