Thursday, February 06, 2014

Valentine's Day...

I am a sucker....I love Valentine's Day. I LOVEMESOMELOVE period! I love all the Hallmark Holidays. I know there's the theory and belief that every day should be Valentine's Day and it should. But on that day, I think I love it so much because there's an energy in the air that's so awesome. The collective vibration is higher on that day and you see more smiles and feel the positive energy. 

I love happy surprises and spontaneity. I love flowers, candy and cards with meaningful words. I keep cards too. All of them. lol I look at them whenever I get down to remember that happy times are possible. I look back and smile because it happened and I didn't take a second of it for granted. 

I love to see people happy, valued and appreciated. I love seeing couples walk hand in hand, sneaking a smooch or sharing a random hug while waiting for the streetlight to change. I love helping to plan surprises for others. It's fun. The smiles you get back are priceless. 

My best friend is always telling me that the thing about me is that I believe in love and I do. I am that hopeless romantic. She'll say, "the problem with you Chitown is you believe in love!" I just roll my eyes and laugh. I do, I do, I do! It resonates with me. When I give love, I feel amazing. When I talk badly about someone or act ugly, I feel awful because that's not me at all. I am that peace, love and happiness person. 

I don't like conflict and I try not to bring anything up unless it's going to matter a day from now, a week from now, a year from now. Nothing is perfect so I choose to see past the many imperfections and I try to only speak on the things I know make me feel bad to my core and spirit. Those are the things that will matter a day from now, week from now, year from now, period. Otherwise, you're like a boy who cried wolf. People don't know when it's a real make or break issue. I know I am not perfect and I am super sensitive when it comes to my feelings but I love hard and I love unconditionally.

I have that whole love conquers all mentality. lol Well it does. Because even when your heart is hurting and you feel broken in so many places to count, it's the love you have that can heal. Because when all the hurt and all the pain washes away with time, you realize that what was polishing you the entire time into the priceless gem that you are is love. In the end, that's all there is...Love. 

So how are you guys spending your Valentine's Day?

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